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There's a Heatwave Coming Next Week

Rachel Monahan
Posted on August 10
fountain in wedding cake formation with bridge in background

Salmon Street Springs in Portland's waterfront park. (Rachel Monahan/City Cast Portland)

It’s about to get hot out there, with five days next week forecasted to reach well into the 90s. So I checked in with National Weather Service Portland meteorologist David Bishop about what to expect.

July didn’t have any apocalyptic events — smoke or 100-degree days. Was it hotter than normal?

“It was running about 3.2 degrees warmer than normal [on average]. [It] was definitely warmer than normal.”

How hot could it get?

“There are a couple models out there that are showing temperatures in the 104 to 105 range. Now those are outliers. There is a nonzero chance that could happen.”

What’s the forecast for early next week?

“What we are forecasting are temperatures in the mid-to upper-90s. About five days. The peak heat will be on Monday or Wednesday, with the high on Wednesday around 97.”

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