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What’s the Deal With Curbside Plastic Recycling?

Rachel Monahan
Posted on June 6   |   Updated on July 7
Blue recycling bin with plants in background

Which plastics can you put in the blue bin? (Rachel Monahan/City Cast Portland)

It can be super confusing to know which plastics can go in your curbside recycling bin and which do not.

Recycle in the blue bin:

♻️ 6-ounce jars, bottles, and jugs (or anything larger) that had a screw-on lid or a neck narrower than body, including:

  • ♻️ Milk jugs
  • ♻️ Peanut butter jars
  • ♻️ Shampoo bottles
  • ♻️ Laundry soap bottles
  • ♻️ Cleaning product bottles

♻️ 5-gallon buckets (or anything smaller), including handles.

♻️ 4-inch-diameter planting pots (or anything larger) that are rigid (not crinkly or flexible) plastic.

♻️ 6-ounce round plastic containers (or anything larger), which could include containers for:

  • ♻️ Salsa
  • ♻️ Yogurt
  • ♻️ Margarine
  • ♻️ Hummus

Trash (or possibly special recycling events and locations):

❌ Lids

❌ Trays

❌ Plastic bags

❌ Plastic wrap

❌ Styrofoam

❌ Plastic straws

❌ Plastic cups

❌ Anything that’s had motor oil, pesticides, herbicides, or other hazardous material in it.

For more information on what to do with some of the plastic that doesn’t go in the curbside recycling, here’s an online resource.

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