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Meet The Team

There’s a lot to love about Portland. City Cast Portland captures the one-of-a-kind creative spirit of this place and takes head-on those questions where we’re at a crossroads — from big deals like equity and livability, to tiny delights, like the most wonderful doughnut. Every day, you’ll hear from the team highlighting what makes this beautiful, complex city we call home just a little bit better. 

John Notarianni
Lead Producer

The tourist trap that’s actually great:
The Alibi is a nocturnal tiki bar and karaoke lounge, complete with a giant neon sign and blacklight artwork. It looks like a tourist trap, but it’s a surefire good time, seven nights a week.

Someone from Portland you should know about, but don’t:
Duchess, co-queen of the Belmont Goats: a herd of urban animals living in North Portland with their own nonprofit organization.

Best movie about Portland:
Willy Vlautin’s recent novel The Night Always Comes nails the changing face of a gentrifying city, and how those changes are pushing long-time Portlanders even further to the margins.

Claudia Meza
Podcast Host

Something Portland does best:
We have some of the most passionate and accomplished food and beverage makers in the country. Also, being able to easily ride your bike nearly everywhere is pretty tight.

A Portland hidden gem:
The beer garden during the Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival. The fest is put on yearly by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), and though it only lasts maybe 10 days, that beer garden is epic. 

Best movie about Portland:
Drugstore Cowboy, really, almost anything by Gus Van Sant.

Giulia Fiaoni
Audio Producer

Where I’d take you to eat in my city:
Thai Champa, a food cart living in the parking lot one of the most prominent strip clubs in the whole city. Order the shrimp pad kee mao.

The tourist trap in town that’s actually great
The sassy diner, Stepping Stone Cafe. Their slogan is “You eat here because we let you” and their 13-inch “Mancakes” are featured on Man v. Food.

A Portland hidden gem:
Mocks Crest Park, but regular visitors call it “The Bluffs”.

Rachel Monahan
Newsletter Editor

Where I’d take you to eat in Portland:
Eem, I’d get the brisket with white sauce 

The tourist trap in town that’s actually great:
Powell’s bookstore.

The whole team agrees!

Best book about Portland:
Ramona series by Beverly Cleary

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