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The Best Places to Sip Oregon’s Orange Wines

City Cast Portland staff
City Cast Portland staff
Posted on October 24   |   Updated on November 3
wine grapes in vineyard

Willamette Valley wine grapes. (Michael C. Todd / Getty Images)

Orange wines, otherwise known as natural wines, are the latest wine craze. Brent Braun, the James Beard Award-nominated sommelier at OK Omens, offered a few of his picks for the best vineyards around to take a sip.

It’s a small vineyard out in the Gorge. “It's this charming, wonderful spot. The views are just incredible, looking down at the river, looking at the mountains. And then the wines are amazing. They have their own vineyards and they buy some fruit.”

Lares 🍎

“Lares is all experimentations, oftentimes with apples, a lot of blends you don't usually see, and everything they do is fantastic.”

“They're actually an urban winery. They don't have a tasting room, but they make the wine all right here in the city.” Unlike the other labels suggested by Brent, they produce enough wine that they’re widely available, including at New Seasons.

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