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The Best Portland Sunsets

Rachel Monahan
Posted on September 5
sunset colors above the reservoir at Mount Tabor, Portland, Oregon

Sunset from Mount Tabor (Rachel Monahan/City Cast Portland)

It’s not yet the rainy season. We’re expecting plenty of sunshine in the coming days, particularly this weekend. So don’t miss out on your chance to see some spectacular end-of-summer sunsets.

Eden Dawn, author of “The Portland Book of Dates,” gave us her list of the best spots to go for romance, with a friend, or by yourself:

Classic Chill Romantic Outing: Mount Tabor

Bring: a blanket and a picnic.

“I think height for a sunset is always nice,” says Dawn. “And Tabor comes with a built-in bit of a show: There's always a random hula hooper.”

Afterward: “One of my favorite little romantic bars right at the bottom of the hill for 20 years is The Sapphire Hotel.”

Friend Spot: Skidmore Bluffs

“You take your own snacks to Skidmore Bluffs. It is always a party. I don't feel like I've ever been to a sunset at Skidmore Bluffs without running into four other people I know, which is what's so fun. Those are the moments that I love Portland so much. But you all watch the sunset, you visit each other's little blankets, you have a good time. And then you pack it straight on over, hit The Alibi for karaoke.”

Solo Trip: Sou’wester

If you have time for a weekend away, take a trip to Long Beach, Wash.

“The Sou’wester is this beautiful little vintage trailer park,” says Dawn. “If you're ever on a little solo trip, you want time alone, but you also want to sometimes be able to have access to people. And the thing I like about that place is you can go to the lounge and be around people, but then you could go back to your trailer.”

There are bikes available so you can ride along the Long Beach peninsula and watch the sunset.  “I did this one time and it was just such a beautiful experience,” says Dawn.


Dawn also shared a closely-guarded secret of a romantic sunset for a special occasion — when you’re going all out. That one deserves a listen. There are other ideas, as well.

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