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Best Rainy Day Hikes Near Portland

City Cast Portland staff
City Cast Portland staff
Posted on November 7
path through mossy wet branches

Take a walk in the rain. (Norther Emily)

Get yourself some waterproof socks — yes, that’s a real thing, apparently — and get outside in this weather.

Here’s the list of the best hikes for the rainy season, from Norther Emily of Wild Solitude Guiding.

Solo Hikes, Possibly Earbuds In

Speaking of introversion, it’s a good time of year to hike alone. “It's kind of nice and meditative to put your hood up and enjoy the sounds of the rain,” says Emily. “It's not a good time to hike with a friend and try and have a conversation because your jacket's gonna be too loud.”

Where do you go with earbuds in, when you’re a little distracted? “I would steer clear of anything that doesn't have a lot of space for passing and includes mountain bikes.”

These are hikes that are even better with musical or podcast accompaniment:


Some waterfalls dry up in summer; some get smaller. But now’s the time to see them in full force. “There's just a ton more water moving through,” says Emily. “Any of the waterfall hikes in the Gorge would be really excellent this time of year, and you're also going to deal with less crowds.”

Waterfall Alley:

A Coast Range option:

River Rambles

“Rambles” are a leisurely sort of hike, without a bunch of elevation gain. The first especially is family-friendly, says Emily.

Foggy Hikes

Sometimes, it’s about the journey, not the destination. “It’s pretty fun to be in a cloud,” says Emily. “It’s nice to be in this bubble in the trees.”

These hikes offer a payoff even if there’s not a view:

What should you do if you get soaked? Norther Emily offers health precautions and other rainy-weather hiking advice on a recent City Cast Portland podcast.

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