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The Best Places to Take Portland Visitors

Rachel Monahan
Posted on May 30   |   Updated on June 6
Three men in red aprons and black t-shirts stand behind counter

Gartner's is an old-fashioned butcher shop. (@gartnersmeats)

In Portland, when the rain stops coming down, tourists, family, and friends flood into town. It’s that time of year. The City Cast Portland podcast team picked out spots for the best impression of town — where to take your visitors right after leaving the airport:

Gartner's Country Meat Market (Cully, closed Mondays)

“It's like a very old-school butcher shop that has cases and cases of everything. You can get a cooked sausage. My sister did this for me once when she picked me up. We got out of the airport and within like six minutes we were at Gartner's Country Meat Market. It's fun to go in and you're like, ‘Whoa, I'm somewhere different now.’ And then you get this delicious snack to eat on the way home.” — City Cast Portland lead producer John Notarianni

My Father's Place (Central Eastside)

“If it was an evening flight, I'm assuming they got in late. My first spot would be to take them to My Father's Place. I think it's a really funky, cozy Portland-y opening to the trip. They're open late. They have great diner food. The environment's not too rowdy in any way.”  — City Cast Portland audio producer Giulia Fiaoni

couple stand under umbrella in front of double-decker bus

Have your Portland coffee in a unique setting. (tovcoffeebar)

Tōv Coffee (Sunnyside)

“If it was a morning flight and I really wanted to wow them, I would take them to Tōv Coffee on Southeast Hawthorne. It's a double-decker bus, a traditional Egyptian and Turkish-style coffee shop. It's by far my favorite place to get coffee in the city. The coffee's incredible. The environment's very calming. So it'd be a nice post-flight place to unwind. There's so much to do in that area, even if you wanted to go for a walk right after.” — Giulia Fiaoni

We’ve got even more recommendations for the best spots for day trips, restaurants and bars, and the top overall Portland places on the podcast.

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