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Food & Drink: Righteous Ice Cream

Rachel Monahan
Posted on May 26   |   Updated on June 6
3 ice cream cones with 2 scoops each

Summertime means ice cream. (@saltandstraw)

Eat Ice Cream, Feel Righteous

At least 10% of the ingredients for Salt & Straw’s new June flavors are made with food that would otherwise be thrown out. That’s with help from the nonprofit Urban Gleaners, which works to end hunger and promote sustainability. The five upcycled flavors for June include lemon curd & whey, day-old bread pudding & chocolate ganache, malted chocolate barley milk (vegan), and salted caramel and okara cupcakes (vegan). [Oregonian]

$80K for Food Cart

Downtown Portland food cart Stretch the Noodle is for sale. The beloved cart has a fan base for its Northwest Chinese hand-pulled noodles. The Craigslist ad says they take in $1,000-1,500 each day for lunch hours and half a million dollars a year. [Portland Monthly]

Oregon’s Famous Summer Fruits

Oregon growers first cultivated some of the tastiest fruits out there: Bing cherries, marionberries, Hermiston watermelons, and Hood strawberries. Bing cherries, which date from 1875, were named for a Chinese orchard foreman who returned to China to visit family and never made it back to Oregon, likely because of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Definitely try Hood strawberries next month, which are delicate and delicious. Other local varieties to sample include Mary’s Peak and Tillamook strawberries. [Portland Monthly]

a stack of doughnuts

Portland loves its doughnuts. (@voodoodoughnut)

Best/Worst Doughnuts

Look for a City Cast Portland podcast episode on Portland’s best doughnuts next week. In the meantime, email me your personal doughnut reviews. What is your favorite shop or favorite doughnut? Are there any overrated ones out there?

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