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Portland Has a Slew of New Pizza

Rachel Monahan
Posted on September 1
pizza with cheese and beans

Reeva's pizzaleada, their take on the Honduran baleada, with cheese, beans, and poblano sour cream. (Rachel Monahan/City Cast Portland)

Portland isn’t done with pizza, apparently. And there are tons of new options.

“I love pizza,” says Oregonian’s Michael Russell. “Unlike sushi, we are extremely good (at pizza). I’d put us up against anyone.”

Here’s some of the best new pizza to try out there, according to Russell. They’re all great new experiments in pizza:

“It kind of seems like [chef Roberto Hernandez Guerrero] is the godfather of this new style of ‘anything goes’ on top of a pizza, but none of it works if it doesn't taste good.”

“They do this Honduran [pizza] called a balata. It's like a big taco with beans and cheese and he'll put chorizo or, you know, spicy peppers inside. He makes a romesco sauce.”

“It tends to be Asian ingredients, which is the background of the chefs there and also just what they love to eat. So you might see a green curry pizza.”

“They're doing pizzas inspired by tacos. Like there's one that's chorizo with potatoes.”

If that’s not enough of a range for you, there are even more options.

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