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Urban Almanac: Hood Strawberries

Rachel Monahan
Posted on June 8   |   Updated on June 28
Red strawberry hanging on a plant next to unripe green one

Find some Hoods before the end of the season. (Rachel Monahan/City Cast Portland)

Hood strawberries are a local celebrity.

California raises tons more strawberries, but Oregon berries still pack a punch with their extraordinary flavor.

Chomp into a Hood, and you’ll notice the deep red coloring all the way through. And get ready for a mouthful of intense flavor.

They’re like “strawberry candy,” one pastry chef said, when compared with all-year-round grocery-store varieties mostly grown in California.

Introduced in 1965, and named after Mount Hood, Hoods are often made into jams, preserves, or frozen for longevity.

To be sure, this famous variety is quite small. Its season is a short two to three weeks. But don’t miss out!

Hoods taste best when eaten within a day of being picked. That means they can’t be shipped, but that also means they’re found fresh almost solely on Oregon farms, in local groceries, and at farmers markets.

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