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What's the Deal With the Giant Peanut on Wheels?

Rachel Monahan
Posted on November 21, 2022   |   Updated on June 10
The official Planters brand truck also stopped in Salem last week. (@plantersnutmobileofficial)

The official Planters brand truck also stopped in Salem last week. (@plantersnutmobileofficial)

An explanation, this time from City Cast Portland producer Giulia Fiaoni.A colossal portable peanut, known as the “NUTmobile,” has been spotted across the city last week – in front of the McMenamins Crystal Ballroom, on SW Broadway, and even on the highway.

Why is it here and where did it come from?

The first peanut-mobile was built and driven by a Planters salesman in 1935. Over the decades, the nut transformed to take on different shapes and styles, and serve a variety of purposes. (Check out the 1999 MR. PEANUT Hot Rod featured in NASCAR events.)

The only active NUTmobile on the road these days is 26 feet long and weighs 13,000 pounds — as the Planters' website puts it, 415 peanuts long and 3 million peanuts heavy. There are six seats inside and, of course, a bar for serving mixed nuts.

Nowadays, the NUTmobile travels all over the country to attend events, fulfill visit requests, and hand out nuts to nut-lovers. 

Last week, Reddit user u/samtaher discovered where the NUTmobile “sleeps” while visiting Portland: right across from the First Christian Church in Downtown Portland. Apparently Mr. Peanut and his ride made house calls at a downtown hotel last week. 

But this isn’t the first time Portlanders have seen the nutty vehicle in town. Back in May of 2021, the peanut made socially-distanced visits and, in August of 2018, attended events all across the Portland area.

This week, the NUTmobile is making its way down I-5 toward Southern California.

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