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Get to Know Vancouver

Rachel Monahan
Posted on October 12, 2022   |   Updated on June 9
Take in the Columbia River, from the Vancouver side (Rachel Monahan / City Cast Portland)

Take in the Columbia River, from the Vancouver side (Rachel Monahan / City Cast Portland)

People often overlook Vancouver as little more than a suburb of Portland. There’s no disputing it; more than a quarter of the people living in Clark County crossed the state line for work before the pandemic hit. But some traffic is heading the other way, at least for recreation.

The 'Couv has been shaking off its dreary, lesser-city rap since it revitalized its waterfront and began attracting dining and drinking spots from out of town. (It’s more fashionable to hate on Portland these days.) Here’s some spots to check out the next time you visit:

Savor a Portland-worthy offering of adobe-roasted pork and nopal tacos or brisket and oyster-mushroom tortas. Try their take on fruit margaritas. Full yum at 114 W 6 St.

Sweet Treat: The Yard

Like much of the new waterfront spots, it’s a chain, in this case one featured on reality TV. It makes up for that with extra sugar, specializing in decadent milkshakes and sundaes. Buyer beware, prepare to spend close $15 for a sundae that is called the Unicorn, and does indeed look like one. It costs even more for some milkshakes. 656 Waterfront Way,

Walk: The Land Bridge

An audio tour of the Land Bridge, designed by architect Johnpaul Jones and Vietnam War memorial designer Maya Lin, guides you from the waterfront to Fort Vancouver, an old hub of the fur trade. Learn about the life of Indigenous peoples and the arrival of settlers. See the native plants planted along the way. Old Apple Tree Park, along S/Southeast Columbia Way.

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