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Inner Northeast Broadway Is Portland's Overlooked Main Street

Rachel Monahan
Posted on September 20
Green neon "Broadway Books" in a glass window with a lot of books

Get your books on Broadway. (Rachel Monahan / City Cast Portland)

Inner Northeast Broadway is an often-overlooked main street, but it’s full of classic Portland shops that have survived for generations.

True, there’s debate among City Cast Portland staff about whether the span from Hollywood to the river is awesome and enticing — or depressing (It does have its rough patches). But here are some-must-stop spots for fun (and errands):

The independent bookshop serves all your reading needs. Buy your books in person or online, and attend a robust calendar of readings, including one by journalist Casey Parks. (Oct. 3)

The kitchen store has been around for generations, but it serves up some fresh must-have gadgets for Portland’s skilled and enthusiastic amateur chefs.

Go in for hand-pulled noodles that have a loyal following.

The old-school sweet spot has been around for 99 years. There are those who swear by their carrot cake, as well as their chocolate birthday cakes, complete with floral designs.

Stop in for everything your fur baby could want. This shop and the next make up an unexpected and delightful pairing (same owner).

Maybe you don’t want any furballs, so deck out your home with greenery.

This spot is a critical addition to Portland’s love of women’s sports. (They’re even leading the charge to recruit a professional women’s basketball team to Portland.)

You can always try the sub that shares the shop’s name: roast beef, turkey, and ham. But also you can find teriyaki and a side of kimchi, thanks to some additions by the current owner.

There’s more, including frozen yogurt at Eb & Bean, coffee at one of the remaining Peet’s, hummus at Nicholas, and trivia night at Steeplejack.

Thanks to City Cast Portland audio producer Giulia Fiaoni and host Claudia Meza for some of these recommendations.

Correction: I originally misspelled the name of The Sports Bra. Apologies to the coolest new bar in town and its patrons.

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